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Diamond Scaffolding Co. Pvt. Ltd. (DSCPL) is an ISO 9001:20015 certified company, engaged as the manufacturer and exporter of all types of Scaffoldings, Formwork, And Shuttering Materials. The company has its Head Office in Kolkata and Factory at Howrah. From here, it is meeting the demands of customers belonging to various Civil Engineering Organizations. The company boasts of skilled manpower, which includes competent personnel such as engineers, designers, quality managers and other trained people. All personnel have expertise and efficiency in the domain, ensuring the production of best Scaffoldings Products such as Scaffolding Systems and Scaffolding Pipes. The entire ambit of Scaffoldings Products is used in all civil structures. Some of the features which make our Scaffolding Pipes and Scaffolding Systems best in the industry are easy & safe to be erected, modified & dismantled. All these commercial structures are assured to be constructed sturdily, ensuring their long usage life and less maintenance requirements.



Cuplock Scaffold Systems
We Manufacture high quality Cuplock standard systems which can be used in access scaffolding application and can work as base structure for formwork support applications.
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Quickwedge Scaffold Systems
Quickwedge is also known as kwikstage, it is a modular system scaffold with wedge fixing all access scaffold requirements. 
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Frame Scaffold Systems
Our Scaffolds Frame systems has gained world wide acceptance. In addition to this, our reliable and fiducial products are widely used by our esteemed clients in domestic market. We offer principal products at reasonable prices.
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Scaffolding Pipe & Fittings
Our scaffolding pipe and fittings like pressed double coupler, pressed swivel coupler are manufactured by a modern rapid production system. The materials employed are principally mild steels/Forged Steels, and fittings have been tested and conform to the BS-1139.
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Prop & shoring
Prop and shoring are suitable for a wide range of medium-height false work and sharing requirements and small building support work such as internal demolition. Extremely robust Large adjustment to height Head plates to suit modern formwork systems  
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Decking System & Accessories
Provide an excellent means of supporting concrete slabs. Their rugged construction allows high load capacity, allowing the use of fewer shores.  Saves you time and labor costs.
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Wall/Form work & Accessories
The Diamond Scaffolding Co. Pvt. Ltd. Form work system consists of all steel economy panels. These are available in a combination of sizes from 75mm to 600mm wide and 900mm to 3000mm long. Special sizes can also be made to order. The panels are joined by wedge sets which are inserted through slots in the punched flat which forms the edge of the panel. The panels are aligned by either tube or channel walers which are clamped to the panels with "B" or "C" clamps. For heavy-duty concrete work soldiers are used. The panels are then gangformed and crane handled. The panels are tied together to form parallel faces using UniSpan's proprietary tie systems.
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Scaffolding Clamps
Clamps clamps are used with mild steel rods and provide a cheap, effective clamping system that has no nuts or bolts and leaves no expensive ties in the concrete. Available in blue painted, galvanized or rough finish. The wedge of the clamp is available with heat treatment also for long life.
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Scaffolding Steel Planks
Galvanized steel scaffolding planks and battens are lightweight non-slip working surface, which can be used with omega transoms. We are one of the dominant manufactures and suppliers of Scaffolds-steel planks. We use all modern techniques in the manufacturing of our world class products. We proffer unique and unparalleled products at acceptable price.
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Adjustable Base Jack
Adjustable base jack has a solid steel stem/Hollow Tube Stem of 32/36/38mm diameter which has a nut restraint to ensure the stem always has a minimum engagement into the Standard of 150mm. The Adjustable base jack is capable of accepting twin 100mm. wide bearers.
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Scaffold tubes and pipes | Steel tubes
Our Tube is an innovator in the steel tube & pipe industry, continuously enhancing product offerings and providing customers with the highest level of service and expertise. Reliance steel tube & pipe products are nationally recognized as a product of choice.
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Scaffolding Safety tools
Basic Scaffold Safety Checklist  Set Up Is the scaffold being erected under the direction of a competent person? Are all employees involved with (or near) the scaffold wearing hard hats? Are footings sound and rigid - not set on soft ground, frozen ground (that could melt), or resting on blocks? Is the scaffold level? Are wheels / castors locked? Is the scaffold able to hold four times its maximum intended load? Is the platform complete front to back and side to side (fully planked or decked, with no gaps greater than 1 inch)? Are guardrails and toeboards in place on all open sides? Are all sections pinned or appropriately secured? Is there a safe way to get on and off the scaffold, such as a ladder (without climbing on crossbraces)? Is the front face within 14 inches of the work (or within 3 feet for outrigger scaffolds)? Does the scaffold meet electrical safety clearance distances?   Use Is the scaffold inspected by a competent person before being put in use? If the scaffold is over 10 feet high, is personal fall protection provided, or are guardrails over 38 inches high? Are hardhats worn by workers on and around the scaffold? Are scaffold loads (including tools and other equipment) kept to a minimum and removed when the scaffold is not in use (like at the end of a day)? Are employees removed from scaffolds during high winds, rain, snow, or bad weather? Are materials secured before moving a scaffold? Are employees removed from the scaffold before they are moved?  Are heavy tools, equipment, and supplies hoisted up (rather than carried up by hand)?  
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